4-5: Hot or Not

For once, AV and Peon get the chance to fire off their many hot takes with reckless abandon as they get together to decide what's hot and what's not. Watch the duo square off in a few rounds of debate around some relevant and controversial topics in the Smash scene such as Doubles vs. Squad Strike, Lylat Cruise, Mr. Game & Watch, and much more.

AV: @AVaidyanatha
Peon: @Peon_BTM
BTM: @beyondmetagame

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Beyond the Metagame is a Super Smash Brothers podcast that deals with how to both improve and enjoy the game more without ever touching a controller. Every week, Abhi Vaidyanatha (AV) and Dane Hartog (Peon) tackle one important piece to the puzzle of maximizing your potential as a competititor, breaking down the importance of leveling up your mind and body in parallel with your in-game techniques. 

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