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7-4: Current and Past Events

AV and Peon spend some time discussing the events of the past year. Contents may include: paleontology, a patented Ness down-air, cultural optimism, and why you should never downplay your own successes.

7-3: Sora and the DLC Retrospective

AV and Peon embark on a journey to talk about Sora, slowly descending into madness as they look back at all the DLC characters that have been released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

7-2 Back in the Saddle, Again

After a lengthy hiatus, Peon and AV return to discuss reengaging with Smash as the pandemic subsides. Tournaments have returned, and with them, the insatiable urge to compete.

7-1: Starting Melee in 2021

The dream team is back and ready... to play Super Smash Bros. Melee. The two discuss the joys of learning Melee in 2021 with the fewer matchups, plethora of training resources, and great online support. Additionally, they discuss the state of Smash Ultimate and what it will be like to return to local tournaments in the upcoming months.

6-1: Some Guy Named Steve

AV and Peon wake up from their collective fever dream and realize that Steve from Minecraft has in fact been confirmed for Smash. Suspending their disbelief, they address this wild addition to the already stacked roster.

5-16: The Art of Confidence ft. Coach Zeke

Coach Zeke, the legendary coach behind many top players' rise to prominence, comes on the show to teach AV and Peon a thing or two. Listen to the trifecta talk about the journey from expert to master, key aspects holding your play back mentally, and how to approach re-contextualizing coping mechanisms.

5-15: Why We Smash 2

In the season finale, AV and Peon revisit the original premise of Beyond the Metagame. The two reflect on the benefits of pursuing competitive Smash as a hobby and explore what is preventing many community members from leveraging these lessons learned.

5-14: Patch 8.1 and Small Battlefield

Out of nowhere, the Smash community has been blessed with a new stage, upgraded online functionality, and updates to Elite Smash requirements. Listen to the BTM hosts interpret what these changes mean for the online Smash scene!

5-13: Pandemic Sitrep

As the dust slowly settles around our changed world, AV and Peon ponder the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on competitive Smash, training routines, and their main characters.

5-12: Patch 8.0 and Min Min

With AV and Peon having a few weeks to take in the patch, the fearless duo are ready to share their opinions on Sakurai's recent shake-up. Tune in to hear their thoughts on Min Min, character buffs, and Peon's new dangerous hobby!

5-11: The Eternal Student ft. Dabuz

The name Dabuz in the Smash community is synonymous with consistent, methodical, and intelligent. This week, listen in to hear us pick the brain of Smash's most studious player to find out how Dabuz got these qualities, what he recommends for students of the game, and where his famous food opinions came from!

5-10: Min Min and Rollback Netcode

With Sakurai blessing us through another character reveal, AV and Peon take to the airwaves to discuss their first thoughts. After a long discussion about the new character, the hosts also share their thoughts on Melee's upgraded netplay service: Project Slippi.

5-9: Coaching Done Right ft. TSM Charles Thoren

Today the BTM hosts get the opportunity to speak with Charles Thoren, TSM's coach for Smash. Listen in to hear him drop knowledge about his coaching strategies with Tweek and Leffen, problems that he sees in all mid level players, and hear his take on recognizing potential.

5-8: Talent vs. Hard Work

AV and Peon address the Smash community's obsession with the overblown question of nature vs. nurture in their attempt to end this conversation once and for all.

5-7: Aggression

AV and Peon are all fired up due to one of the most notoriously abused concepts in the Smash community: aggression. Where is it useful? What is it? Are you too aggressive? Find out on this contentious episode!

5-6: What's Your Problem? ft. The People

This week, AV and Peon take some calls from the BTM community. We chat with each caller about a problem they may be having, and we get to the bottom of it.

5-5: Cheating on Smash

This week, AV and Peon talk about cheating on Smash. At what point is spending time with other games or other hobbies detrimental to Smash goals? How do we best leverage time away from Smash to fulfill our improvement goals?

5-4: Camping and You

AV and Peon talk camping. What about defensive play makes it so frustrating to deal with? What does this say about our mid-match psychology? When can camping be best utilized to win an important set or to tilt your opponent past the edge?

5-3: Should You Play Project+?

AV and Peon breakdown the newest iteration of Project M, "Project+." Who is this game for, what are our impressions, and is it worth your time?

5-2: Are You Carried?

This week, AV and Peon discuss whether the concept of being carried is something we should give any credence to, and if so, how to know if you are carried. The team dives into the weeds, examining if this concept is only meant to be derogatory, or if there deeper implications that we may leverage to improve.

5-1: Flying Solo

With the recent global pandemic, your home is now the main venue for improving at Smash! In this topical season opener, AV and Peon dive into getting the most out of playing Smash alone, analyzing the pitfalls of solo play, their thoughts about WiFi, and if online tournaments are worth your time.

4-18: Switching Mains

Thinking about switching mains? What's gonna be different? What will stay the same? AV and Peon tackle all the hard questions for you in your journey to make one of the hardest changes to your Smash Bros gameplay.

4-17: Patch 7.0 and Byleth

Byleth and their arsenal have been deployed to the Smash battlefield. Join AV and Peon as they discuss the new addition to the smash roster, the gamut of balance changes made to the game, and a recap of their respective Genesis experiences.

4-16: Let Byleths be Byleths

Peon and AV react to the newest addition to the roster, Byleth! Who is this character for? What will their place in the meta be? All will be answered and more in this week's episode.

4-15: Slumpbusters

Peon hits the therapy couch again as AV walks him through his recent slump. Through this, the two lay down a game plan for diagnosing, accepting, and treating rough patches in your gameplay.

4-14: Smash Through the Decade

Our co-hosts take on the challenge of producing a retrospective on the narratives, development, and highlights of Super Smash Bros. through the last ten years. In this episode, they break down the stories told through the game to underline the importance of narrative in a burgeoning esport.

4-13: Demystifying Cheese

This week, AV and Peon discuss GimR's new technology and its relevance to the metagame. Later, the two breakdown the concept of cheese, and debate when and if it is worth complaining about.

4-12: 1 Year of Smash Ultimate

Beyond the Metagame celebrates Smash Ultimate's one year anniversary with a retrospective on expectations, lessons learned, and game experience highlights.

4-11: Thankful for Smash

This week, Peon and AV have some fun with their second annual Thanksgiving special. The hosts give thanks regarding their favorite aspects of Smash Bros in and out of the game.

4-10: Performing Under Pressure ft. Sports Psych Steve

Today, Sports Psych Steve returns to share his wisdom regarding how to bring your "A" game even when the pressure is at its highest. The hosts and Steve also explain the benefits of applying Sports Psychology to gaming, and reframe the importance of motivation.

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