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5-2: Are You Carried?

This week, AV and Peon discuss whether the concept of being carried is something we should give any credence to, and if so, how to know if you are carried. The team dives into the weeds, examining if this concept is only meant to be derogatory, or if there deeper implications that we may leverage to improve.

5-1: Flying Solo

With the recent global pandemic, your home is now the main venue for improving at Smash! In this topical season opener, AV and Peon dive into getting the most out of playing Smash alone, analyzing the pitfalls of solo play, their thoughts about WiFi, and if online tournaments are worth your time.

4-18: Switching Mains

Thinking about switching mains? What's gonna be different? What will stay the same? AV and Peon tackle all the hard questions for you in your journey to make one of the hardest changes to your Smash Bros gameplay.

4-17: Patch 7.0 and Byleth

Byleth and their arsenal have been deployed to the Smash battlefield. Join AV and Peon as they discuss the new addition to the smash roster, the gamut of balance changes made to the game, and a recap of their respective Genesis experiences.

4-16: Let Byleths be Byleths

Peon and AV react to the newest addition to the roster, Byleth! Who is this character for? What will their place in the meta be? All will be answered and more in this week's episode.

4-15: Slumpbusters

Peon hits the therapy couch again as AV walks him through his recent slump. Through this, the two lay down a game plan for diagnosing, accepting, and treating rough patches in your gameplay.

4-14: Smash Through the Decade

Our co-hosts take on the challenge of producing a retrospective on the narratives, development, and highlights of Super Smash Bros. through the last ten years. In this episode, they break down the stories told through the game to underline the importance of narrative in a burgeoning esport.

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