5-16: The Art of Confidence ft. Coach Zeke

Coach Zeke, the legendary coach behind many top players' rise to prominence, comes on the show to teach AV and Peon a thing or two. Listen to the trifecta talk about the journey from expert to master, key aspects holding your play back mentally, and how to approach re-contextualizing coping mechanisms.

Zeke: @ZekeHere
AV: @AVaidyanatha
Peon: @Peon_BTM
BTM: @beyondmetagame

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Beyond the Metagame is a Super Smash Brothers podcast that deals with how to both improve and enjoy the game more without ever touching a controller. Every week, Abhi Vaidyanatha (AV) and Dane Hartog (Peon) tackle one important piece to the puzzle of maximizing your potential as a competititor, breaking down the importance of leveling up your mind and body in parallel with your in-game techniques. 

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