4-8: Crossing the Chasm ft. Toph

AV and Peon open their minds up to new perspectives as they are joined by famed Melee player, commentator, and smash icon Toph! Through the episode, the hosts leverage Toph's vast culmination of smash knowledge to build out dialogue around crossing between different smash games, writing compelling narratives around smash players, and understanding how different individuals approach the game in unique ways.

AV: @AVaidyanatha
Peon: @Peon_BTM
BTM: @beyondmetagame
Toph: @toph_bbq

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Beyond the Metagame is a Super Smash Brothers podcast that deals with how to both improve and enjoy the game more without ever touching a controller. Every week, Abhi Vaidyanatha (AV) and Dane Hartog (Peon) tackle one important piece to the puzzle of maximizing your potential as a competititor, breaking down the importance of leveling up your mind and body in parallel with your in-game techniques. 

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