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4-9: Patch 6.0 and Terry Bogard

Terry Bogard has entered the building, and with him arrive a slew of low tier buffs. AV and Peon give their initial feedback on the character roster's newest addition, while also reacting to the buffs that came packaged with 6.0.

4-8: Crossing the Chasm ft. Toph

AV and Peon open their minds up to new perspectives as they are joined by famed Melee player, commentator, and smash icon Toph! Through the episode, the hosts leverage Toph's vast culmination of smash knowledge to build out dialogue around crossing between different smash games, writing compelling narratives around smash players, and understanding how different individuals approach the game in unique ways.

4-7: Climbing the Summit

AV and Peon discuss the upcoming Smash Ultimate Summit tournament, diving into their expectations of each event and reigniting their old gambling habits.

4-6: Owning Your Gameplay

AV and Peon explore the idea of taking responsibility for one's own gameplay, strolling down memory lane to find the memories that evolved their perspective on owning up to their mistakes. The BTM duo dive into what it takes to accept loss, how we can re-frame our poor experiences, and why caring about things is not just for tryhards.

4-5: Hot or Not

For once, AV and Peon get the chance to fire off their many hot takes with reckless abandon as they get together to decide what's hot and what's not. Watch the duo square off in a few rounds of debate around some relevant and controversial topics in the Smash scene such as Doubles vs. Squad Strike, Lylat Cruise, Mr. Game & Watch, and much more.

4-4: Bracket Demons

In a classic BTM adventure, AV and Peon take a trip to the spirit world to classify the many different types of "bracket demons." In doing so, they look into their past, present, and future to formulate battle plans for the different challenging players that may come your way.

4-3: Back in the Saddle

This week, Peon dives into analyzing his long break from Smash; it's not pretty. In turn, AV helps Peon form a plan of action to shake off the rust, spawning a discussion about the benefits from breaks in your play and how to best return to form.

4-2: Elite Entertainment ft. The Phenomenal EE

This week, AV and Peon are joined by none other than the Phenomenal EE, famed Super Smash Bros. caster known for his enthralling performances on the mic. The BTM duo uncovers EE's thoughts about his own commentary style, the state of esports, and the path he took to the top.

4-1: Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard, and a Nintendo Direct!

In the Season 4 opener, AV and Peon are blessed with a content-filled Nintendo Direct, a brand new patch, and a new addition to the roster! The BTM boys unpack the release of Banjo and react to the reveal of the latest character in development, Terry Bogard!

3-17: Community Appreciation

In the Season 3 finale, AV and Peon recall some of their favorite experiences in the Smash community, talk about what brings us all together, and play back some wholesome stories from listeners like you.

3-16: Character Crisis 2

In the inevitable sequel to Peon's character dilemma, AV starts to question his loyalty to Donkey Kong. On this episode, Peon talks AV through his quest to find a notable replacement or companion to the king of the jungle.

3-15: The Hero's Journey

On this week's episode, the BTM squad analyzes Hero, the brand new Smash Ultimate DLC character! The two go over their initial thoughts of the character, his general viability, and whether or not he's a healthy addition to the competitive metagame.

3-14: A Rookie's Guidebook ft. N64Josh & Nightcrawlr

AV and Peon catch up with their fellow podcast creators, N64Josh and Nightcrawlr, hosts of the Smash Bros Cast. In a wonderful fireside chat, the BTM co-hosts find out what Josh and Crawlr have been doing lately, their reasons for ending the show, and their best tips for improving as a new player.

3-13: Community in Crisis

With recent events displaying unbecoming behavior from members of the Smash community, AV and Peon stop to reflect on the values that they stand for, the true nature of the Smash community, and the things you can do to make the ecosystem a more positive place.

3-12: Why Play a Low Tier?

In an uncharacteristic change of heart, the BTM duo reconsiders the value behind playing low tier characters.

3-11: Smash's Rival ft. Dan Fornace

AV and Peon crossover between universes as they are joined by none other than Dan Fornace, creator of the indie platform fighter, Rivals of Aether. On the show, Dan paints the picture behind the inspiration for the game, why its characters are so vibrant, and why it's way more than Smash's younger brother.

3-10: The Hero, Banjo, and You

This week, AV and Peon react to the announcement of The Hero and Banjo-Kazooie. How will these characters distinguish themselves? Will these characters play to your strengths? What do these announcements say about the future of Smash character DLC?

3-9: Smash Ultimate Burnout

With AV and Peon's respective burnouts from parts of the Smash community, the two get down to business and figure out how to proactively combat this enduring issue.

3-8: The Loyal Scientist ft. Fatality

AV meets his match as the casting duo are joined by introspective master and Captain Falcon extraordinaire, Fatality! To learn more about how we can optimize our brain for success, we pick Fatality's brain on his self awareness, methodical practice routines, and dedication to the F-Zero hero.

3-7: Patch 3.1

This week, AV and Peon discuss the most recent balance patch in Smash Ultimate's development life cycle. Who are the biggest winners and losers? What does this say about the balance philosophy going forward?

3-6: Tilt

This week, our fearless duo talk about what tilt is, what causes it, and how we can address it to evolve into better versions of ourselves. However, when they get to talking about getting through tilt as a competitor, tensions arise as AV and Peon disagree on a pivotal talking point.

3-5: The Traveler

Join AV and Peon on their journey in breaking down the experience of traveling to other regions! Along the way, they highlight the pros and cons of competitive environments, the variety of regional subcultures, and the Prometheus principle. What's that?

3-4: Crossing the Plateau

As we move past the early days of Smash Ultimate, AV and Peon approach the concept of the dreaded plateau. In this episode, they talk about figuring out whether you're in one, learning how to move past them, and avoiding them in the future.

3-3: The "Low" Tier Hero ft. Maister

This week, we are joined by Maister, one of Mexico's best players and the best Game & Watch player in the world. He joins AV and Peon to talk about pushing the metagame of an unpopular character, staying positive through adversity, and proving to the world that tiers are meant to be broken.

3-2: Patch 3.0 and Joker

Nintendo pulls a fast one on AV and Peon, releasing the patch with almost no warning! In this episode, the duo goes over their first impressions of Joker, balance changes, new content, and the patch's overall implications for Smash Ultimate's future.

3-1: Smashing Tournament Nerves ft. PhD Louie

In the season 3 premiere, AV and Peon discuss mental health with PhD Louie, a veteran of the Smash scene and studied academic. Dr. Louie goes into depth about how to calm tournament nerves and offers many practical solutions to some of the most difficult parts of playing the game competitively.

2-15: The State of the Ultimate Address

In true finale fashion, AV and Peon take on addressing the Smash community about the developments in the first quarter of Smash Ultimate. Join them as they talk about how characters, players, and techniques have developed, in addition to some of the things they have been thinking about lately.

2-14: Victory

This week, AV and Peon talk about what victories mean for your progress as a competitor, how to go about contextualizing them, and what to do when you think you've won it all.

2-13: Community Building

In another solo mission, AV provides insight into how his dedication for serving the community supplied the motivation for creating a Smash Bros. podcast. Through the narrative, he takes us through his growth as a leader in the Smash community, giving some important perspective on what it takes to raise a community from the ground up.

2-12: The Ultimate Summit

The very first Smash Ultimate Summit is happening this weekend! AV and Peon discuss the history of Summit, their expectations for the event, and what it means for competitive Smash Ultimate.

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